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Our Mission

The purpose of this website is simple.


I want to provide clear advice and basic knowledge to parents of children who are doing home learning.


We don't know how long schools will be closed but even when they do re-open, the advice I give will still be applicable.

Many of us have been faced with new technology that we suddenly have to use to keep schooling going and so I will provide help with this side of online learning too.

I like to think that my writing is enjoyable to read at least for some and that many might find some comfort in knowing that their difficulties are shared by others across the world.

So my missions for now is to listen to you, parents of the world, and by listening and writing based on your actual, real problems, be able to make a real difference. 

So if you're fed up of seeing lists of 11 tips for parents of home learners or 5 top tips for home schooling, but not actually getting answers to your questions you can let me know in an email here or you can get in touch live with the chat box.

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